Meaningful things are often unnoticed because of how little they impact us in our immediate life. But soon enough, we realize their significance by the unexpected absence or when we are finally ready to understand their importance. 


Beauty is one of the precious things that can refine our lives yet is often overlooked. Our minds need to be open to see and receive the nuance of its existence. 


Our definition of beauty, in this case, is not something obvious or remains with us in tangible ways. The beauty we pursue often reveals itself in the process or non-logical sense, in times, in stories, and how well we can accept them as they are. 


To me, the nature of flowers holds all the nuance and the meaning of beauty as well as life itself. We tend to believe that the beauty of flowers is the prime of blooming, but most of their story starts when they become a seed. Without the layers of prosperous environmental coincidences, care of people, and the strength of their own evolution, they simply can not exist; the life cycle ends then. You notice now that It is magical and such an honourable fact to enjoy their beauty. 


                                                                                                                                                    Kyoko Higa

In collaboration with Ofrenda for Hana Veil  

Hana veil, inspired by Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Not as mere decorations but rather a way of learning to find beauty in pieces of life we usually ignore and to experience a profound awareness of the ephemeral character of life and its beauty. These flowers, meticulously arranged, will die in an instant.

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Hana () translates as "flower" in Japanse
Hana Veil